My son is turning 5 years old on August 31, and is in kindegarten. He has never been to daycare or a headstart program. School has been in session for four days and his teacher called and said that is seeming to be a little shy and sometimes off task. How can i explain to him the importance of staying on task and participating in a large group of children.


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It is perfectly normal for children this age to not be able to stay on task for long periods. I think the teacher is worrying you about nothing. Many children take at least until Christmas to settle into school.

Don't forget he is one of the youngest in the year and at this age that makes a big difference. He will be with other children who are almost 6. He is bound to be a bit overwhelmed.

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Your son is scared. He is used to be with you. He more than likely is wanting to be home with you. It is very common for a child to be like that. To be shy and all. My son,when he attended kindergarden...he cried for weeks because he didn't want to be there. I kept him in there for a while and then took him out and homeschooled him myself. It has been alot better for him and at least he isn't crying and scared. Yes, children do need to communicate with others. But some children don't and don't want to. Some that are in school who are shy alot of times gets bullied by other kids as they grow up. Being in a different environment can change the attitudes of children and sometimes it is for the worst.

So, all I can say is I hope it works out. But if it doesn't. Your child might need to be homeschooled if you are up to it.

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