My son is very happy when seeing is mommy and daddy together.

Ashley - posted on 11/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




The thing is i'm not happy being with my son's father. One he can't grow up and i try to tell him that i don't have much feelings for him anymore. but i can't have to guts to leave him because it keeps my 10 month old son happy. What should i do?


Holly - posted on 11/06/2012




couples counseling is a GREAT way to start. but also you should make an effort, quit telling yourself you are only doing this for your son, quit thinking about how much you DON'T like being with him...forget about that. Make an effort to have feelings for him.


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Ariana - posted on 11/06/2012




Unless he is abusive I would say you should try to go to a couples councellor. I'm not saying you absolutely must stay with him for your sons sake but you should try to solve whatever is going on before you leave. It is really hard for a child to have his parents divorce.

Find a couples councellor and tell your sons father you want him to go with you because right now you're on the verge of leaving. You really do need to at least give it your best effort. Possibly go to councelling and give yourself a time-limit, like one year. If you really just cannot be there any longer after that year, and going to councelling hasn't helped you or your sons dad change for the better of the relationship then you should start the process of leaving him.

If you ultimately decide to leave him get a mediator and make sure you are very aware of how it will effect your son.

I don't believe people should be 'trapped' in a relationship and blame the child for it. If it's not going to work it isn't going to work, but you should do whatever you can to make sure this really isn't going to work out.

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