My son is vomiting constantly?

Carrie - posted on 10/24/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




He is vomiting constantly and I really need tips on this!!! I gave him some milk to calm his tummy down but it didn't work and now he's vomiting more than 3 times a day. Your experiences with your child vomiting as well doesn't matter which age would be helpful! :) My son is five years old.


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Sarah - posted on 10/25/2014




How long has he been vomiting. Also, in BRAT diet B is bananas, and it is for diarrhea. If your child cannot keep food down he need to be examined by a doctor. Is he gaining weight? Able to go to school? Play? Are there any other symptoms? Stay away from all dairy for now and stick to a clear liquid and bland solids diet only. Crackers, broth, toast, bland fruit, etc. If this has only been happening for a few days, it is probably a virus and will pass.
Ginger ale is a natural anti-emetic.

Cherub's - posted on 10/24/2014




Has he seen his doctor? In the meantime a brat diet will help. My daughter was about two when she vomited constantly, a brat diet was reccomended with pedilayte- which she refused to drink btw. Brat stands for Bread Rice Applesauce and Toast.
Milk I avoided, its an irritant for now. Yogurt on the other hand may be very helpful please consult with your doctor. I have always given my infants and toddlers and now teenagers yogurt when they were sick. It always seemed to calm the stomach. But try brat first. May want to sweeten up the rice with cocnut milk with sugar or just alittle plain ( I like organic sugar or honey) If he does not like plain rice. If this sounds appealing to him and you chop bananas in the rice ( maybe not let him see you do it ;/ ) Also ginger ale flat, stir all the airbubbles out or let sit untl they dissipate (this i have tried) Or ginger tea non caffeinated . While others say coca cola flat works, Google these Mom to see if it will work for you. I cant rest a wink when one of my children are sick. A Speedy recovery to him and you also Mom.

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