MY son is1 4 MONTHS CANT STnd on his own, a couple of days ago he only stood for a few seconds is this normal


Lady Heather - posted on 03/24/2012




I don't think it's in the so-called "normal" range so if I were you I would talk to your doctor. But to reassure, my daughter was the same. She wouldn't stand for the longest time. I think she was about 15 months before she would stand holding on to things. At 17 months she started cruising for the first time (and crawling in the same week) and then she started walking at 21 months. She is a totally normal almost 3 year old now who runs and jumps just like the other kids.

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Standing unassisted or standing at all? Not being able to stand while being supported (holding on to a table or someone's hands, etc...) is not w/in the normal range of a 14 month old (that I'm aware of at least). It could possibly be normal for him if he CAN stand, but doesn't yet have the balance to do so on his own.

If you are concerned I would speak to his doctor.


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Yeah, if he can stand and cruise then he's most likely fine. 9-18 months is the 'normal' range for walking unassisted and kids can fall earlier or later in the spectrum and still be perfectly normal. :)

I had 3 early walkers (10.5 and 9 months), but I didn't walk til 18 months.

Nosindiso Felicia - posted on 03/25/2012




he can cruise has been cruising for a while can stand with support he just wont stand on his own and i thought he would be standing on his own by now but i guess kids are differnt and like Heather is saying eventually he will walk like other kids have to be patient. thank you ladies

Sal - posted on 03/24/2012




there is a very broad range of ages for walking and standing, my kids all walked pre 12 months (one was 7months) but i know other perfectly healthy and finally walked around 2 yrs.....

however not to worry you, if there is more than just the standing you are concerned about go see a childhood nurse or dr as it can be a indicator of other problems..

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