my son isnt telling me when he haqs to go potty, what can I do?

April - posted on 07/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 32 month old will NOT tell me when he has to go potty at all, not unless i have just said tell me when you have to go potty! then he will say it and then not again, i take him every half hr and tell him to try, we had both the little potty and the big one, up until he decided in mid stream he would switch potties and he began making a mess! I am Beyond frustration! I am to the point of giving up! Im thinking he just isnt ready yet??? I have tried a sticker board, and consequences, spanking, rewards! or even something bigger like if you keep doing good mommy will get you a big boy bed for night time! but nothing seems to be working, my husband says im letting our child control me, but im at my whits end! HELP!!!!!


Kayla - posted on 07/19/2011




Boys are a little slower than girls at potty training usually. My son didn't fully understand until right about 3 years old. I tried everything too, and used a steam cleaner on my couch A LOT! ;) All of the sudden he got it though. The thing I was doing when he finally caught on, was taking him potty every 15-30 mins when we were home, and praising him for "dry pants" hugs, kisses, &/or a few m&ms. Just keep doing it, and he'll catch on. It's potty training for us as well, and there wouldn't be books on it if were easy ;) hang in there!! He'll catch on!

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