My son Just start 22 days ago Kindergarten and already has problem with his Behavior

Nancy - posted on 09/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son since the 1st day has been happy to go to kindergarten. The teacher use the color method and write notes. at the beginning he had green (good) and 1 yellow (a little bad). now he is brings yellow and red (really bad). Every time my son gets yellow my husband and I talk to him and now that he brings red I e-mail the teacher (we have time problems to meet) I talk to her and we talk to my son and we take away things that he likes. Since he has 2 many reds the teacher wants to talk to us in person and we agree this week and yesterday e-mail she say that she had a social worker in the class. She made me feel that the mayor reason it was because my son. The notes she has is that my son don't listen, don't put attention, don't follow rules and distracts the class. I have a Daycare and I teach him with other kids and I know from time to time he acts out but all the kids are about the same. When he comes home he is my little helper with small kids, he sits down to do homework and he has extra books at home and love's to do extra homework. Why he is different at school and nice at home? Please help


Ella - posted on 09/22/2012




Like u say around this age they r all pretty much the same,nice one minute,getting into bother the next,it's mabey a good idea to write down lots of questions befor u go to meet her to try get to the bottom of things and to see if u could highlife possible triggers for this behaviour if it's as bad as the teacher says,my 8yr old can somtimes be the same and I think it's just when they r unsure of the rules and guidelines x

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