My son just started a new phase/phobia.Seems terrified of swallowing most foods.

Christina - posted on 07/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son will be 6 in October. For the past week or so he has been chewing the same bite of food for at least 20 minutes or until it is completely liquid in his mouth. The only things he will swallow are pasta, cake, cookies, bread, cereal, and fruit. He chewed the same bite of a carrot for about 20 minutes and went through a few excuses such as "I don't like carrots, they are hard to swallow, I will choke". He did choke on steak and cheese at a restaurant about 2 weeks ago, and just the other day, after he started the phase, he almost choked on a lollipop that he bit off of the stick. I did go over telling him that putting too much in his mouth to hurry up and eat or walking/running around while eating will cause him to choke. I would assume that if he is scared of choking he wouldn't swallow a thing. But he does swallow everything I listed above. Last night at dinner he chewed a bite of his grilled chicken salad for 27 minutes and cried to spit it out. So he was sent to bed. I'm unsure if this is a way to get out of eating things that are not his favorite. He is no longer allowed to have junk food or juice/soda until this stops. He has always loved carrots with ranch dressing, salads, chicken, salami and cheese sandwiches, steak, tacos, etc. And all of these foods he has been just chewing and holding in his mouth until they become liquid and cries to spit it out. I have never even seen or heard of this before. I would like some advice.


Louise - posted on 07/07/2012




I think he has scared himself with the choking episodes so now you have to gain his trust that he can chew and swollow without it happening again. Make soft foods for a while like spaghettie blognaise. Put tiny cubes of carrot in the sauce and see how he gets on. Praise him for eatting and then gradulally over the course of 2 weeks bring him back to lumpier foods that require a chew. Do not pass any comment at all when he is eating and just ignore the situation. If he eats great if he does not after half an hour through his food away and dont give him anything else to eat. A child will not intentionally starve themselves so he will come back round to eating when he is hungry.

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