My son just turned 1 on May 20th. We have begun solid food and stopped baby food. He likes most of the food but he refuses to pick it up and put it in his mouth. I put small amts on his tray and he immediately throws it only eating it if I fed it to him. Please send along any suggestions you may have.


Elfrieda - posted on 06/04/2012




Does he do that even if he's hungry? Or does he not have the fine motor skills to get it to his mouth and so he's frustrated and then throws it away? My son threw food, too, but usually only once he was full or we put too much on his tray. If he's just in a bad habit, I would suggest bringing the food to his mouth and then "accidentally" dropping it on his tray and being really slow to pick it up. Maybe he will either get impatient and stuff it in his mouth himself, or he'll try to help you and pick it up and give it back to you. Even if he gives it to you, it's a step in the right direction. :)

Or have some pieces of food that are the right size to keep on your plate, and let him "steal" them from you while sitting on your lap. Does he especially like to eat what you are eating?

Another suggestion is to always eat with him. My son is much better behaved and happier if I sit down at the table and eat when he's eating, even if it's just a slice of apple. It's more friendly, I think.

At about 14 months we let our son use a fork (the baby ones annoyed him, so we went straight to a regular salad fork) and that made it fun for him to eat even the food that he usually turned his nose up at. (spoons are harder to control, so it was frustrating for him and he'd throw the spoon away, he didn't learn spoons until closer to 2 years old)

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