my son just turned 2 he likes a bottle first thing

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Son loves a bottle of milk first thing in the a.m. absolutely turns his day upside down if that is not the first thing in the morning. he is completely ok with a zippy cup all day long but again prefers a bottle before bed. he likes to brush his teeth before he actually goes to sleep which seems crazy to me that he grasps that he needs to brush before sleep. am i doing damage by letting him have atleast the bottle in the a.m.


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Dove - posted on 03/21/2015




If it's only first thing in the morning and before bed and he brushes his teeth after and is not spending a bunch of time sucking on it and leaving the milk to pool in his mouth... it is highly likely that it is not causing damage. It is his comfort and I would be inclined to want to let him keep that until he was ready to give it up.

That being said... if you want to take steps to change the situation: Let him know that now that he is a big boy only water goes in the bottle. He can have his milk in his cup or his bottle w/ the water in it.

Ev - posted on 03/21/2015




At two years old, he should be totally off a bottle and on a cup of some kind. I know you said he is only getting it first thing when he wakes up but he is old enough to be without it. Most kids by the time they get to age 1 or a bit later are done with a bottle.

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