my son, lacrosse and his coaches and team mates

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hello, my son is 14 and plays lacrosse and has for the past two yrs. we had some problems last yr. but nothing like this yr. i normally tell the coaches of my son and his autistic tendencies so they know how to handle anything that comes up if by any chance i am not there, which hardly happens. this yr. when i told the coaches one of them took it upon himself to tell the whole team that he was autistic and different. ofcourse my son didn't think anything of it, but his team mates did. one had stood up for him and then got punished for doing so, all the others just ignore him and treat him like he some kind of disease. i actually had to make them give a passing buddy cause no one would warm up with him. during games they don't pass him the ball even when he is the only one open. they would rather lose the ball than give it to him. he tries so hard and yet even the coaches treat him differently to the point that the other parents have noticed and said something to me. i am not sure what to do. i want to go to the school board and head of lacrosse. which i had done before (with the head of lacrosse). any suggestions?


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I read your post a couple of days ago, and it really upset me. I had to actually walk away and think before making a response. I think this is very unfair treatment, and you need to address the coaches, principal and board about this. There was NO need for them to tell your sons medical condition to the entire team. Granted, they may have thought they were doing the best thing to make things fair for him, but it backfired.

It enrages me even more that the students on a team would do this. Typically I would think they would try to make him more involved, but either way, I do think you should address this.

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