my son never stops

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My son is 19 month's he is a very active boy from the time he wakes to the time he goes to bed he runs in and out of each room pulling things out and making mess lol he doesnt listen to me and wont play with his toys unless he is using them to help him climb. I often play with him and take him out to play groups, parks, day trips and out with or too family and friends with other children, but there are days i need and want to have a day at home to just be at home. Now I don't mind mess he is still young i expect it but it's the fact that he never sits down unless he is eating or sleeping it is so exhausting I try to dit and cuddle with him read a book or watch tv but he just wonders off. He is up at 6am every day goes to bed at 7.30pm and he may nap in the afternoon. I just wish sometime he could just play with me or relax a bit its like he cant sit down he also moans most of the day which I think has become a habit. Most of the time he is tired but he will just not stop. I take iron tablets, drink black coffee through out the day and drink energy drinks to keep up but I have my days where im just exhausted and just feel like I can not control him he is a handful


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He is more than old enough to start teaching that he can not be making messes and help to clean them up though it won't be perfect. He is old enough to teach that he can not climb and run all over as he can get hurt. It does not sound like you are teaching him any kind of rules and consequences. ANd unless you do, he is going to run all over you.

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