my son of 13years is very voilent 2 his sis and brothers.if i say something 2 him he does not listen 2 me then i shouted at him later i feel i react more plz plz help me how i handle him.


Sherry - posted on 09/05/2012




You need to get a handle on that asap, he is only going to get bigger and stronger! He may end up hurting the lil ones. I used to tell my son I was going to take him to boot camp and pulled up some stuff on the internet to let him see what I was thinking about doing with him, My son was never really that bad and was always scared of me even to this day and he is almost 17 he dont really talk back. You may also want to take him to see his Doctor, to have him evaluated, maybe there is something the doctor could put him on to help. If you dont want to go that way check out the heath food store and put him on something natural and change his diet!

Best of luck!!! Btw is there a father in the picture that could help?

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