my son's creative self potty training....

Krystle - posted on 01/15/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




so my dear little boy who is 2 years old has decided he's ready to jump on the potty training train...

today was the first day i've noticed him being so into the idea of being a big boy (he has shown interest before, but it comes & goes in spurts)

..however, he didn't actually use the potty or his little potty... he attempted the big potty but got a little gun shy at the last minute and decided the guestroom shower or his bath tub make the perfect potty.

after the 4th time of him running to either bathroom saying "potty" and then peeing i decided it was time to shed the diaper and give way to the underwear. he wasn't into that idea as much as i was.. but he went along with it anyway. he knew when he needed to go - he even knew when he needed to poop.. and yes, that poo ended up in the shower.. i told my husband about that and he was actually somewhat happy about it. it may seem disgusting to some that we let him potty in the shower today, but we think its a start. we want him to be comfortable starting out and we do realize that we are going to have to shift his interest from the shower to the toilet because we don't want him to get the wrong idea..

with that being do you ladies think we should go about getting him into the toilet idea?

he has used the toilet before, months ago.. and he does show a small interest in it even today - each time he went to the bathroom he'd want to sit on the toilet, but as i said he got a little gun shy about it and wanted off the toilet immediately. my husband seems to think we should just give him a week or so of doing what he's doing then trying to transition him to the potty. i'm at a loss. i don't want to scare him by any means...

speaking of creative potty training ideas - this one isn't that bad, he's got the idea of where he needs to go.. i've have some ladies suggest taking him outside to pee on a tree or make mud... we were considering those until today :) lol...

any advice would be helpful. i have no intentions of letting him pee in the shower or tub for a long time. i just want to make sure he's good with the idea of the toilet as opposed to forcing him into doing it. i've heard horror stories about that from a few moms... he's only 2 as well, so i think he's got plenty of time to catch onto the idea of what he's supposed to do.


Michelle - posted on 01/15/2012




We had to take our daughter out and let her pick out her own potty before she started getting really good at making it to the potty, and going on the potty now she uses the big potty all the time.

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