My Son's Father is FURIOUS I am Filing Child Support? Am I wrong?

Kam - posted on 08/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Long story short, when I was 6 months pregnant my sons dad told me he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant and she was due a MONTH after me. His ex-girlfriend has always disliked me bc she thought me and him had something going on when they were dating (whic we didn't) so when he told her I was pregnant she was devastated and basically did whatever she could to keep up with me. I really loves him so I tried my best to forgive him and move on but obviously it was hard. He is a liar and he lies about stupid stuff. He could tell me the grass was green and I wouldn't believe him. Anyways, recently we got into a HUGE argument over money and he gets mad bc I asked him for more than 50 dollars every two weeks!! So we start bringing up old stuff and basically tempers rise & a lot of my built up anger came out. Basically I told him I am putting him on child suppprt bc I am not going to argue with him over money and responds telling me I am the biggest regret of his life. I don't even want my son around him bc he is a liar, am I wrong for feeling like this? Oh and he left to go back to school and didn't even call to say bye to his son or nothing!


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Chaya - posted on 08/19/2012




If he can breed them, he can feed them. You have every right to request and receive it.

Angie - posted on 08/19/2012




I think going through child support is the best thing we can do for our sanity when dealing with someone who is difficult. It removes one less thing to argue about, plus it allows an outside source to calculate your income & child related expenses (daycare/medical) and put a fair amount to it. I never, ever contact my ex about money; if they intercept & I get it great, if not, I don't...I will eventually because he can only run and hide from them for so long. So no, I don't think you are wrong...I think you are right for holding him financially responsible for his child and eliminating an argument between you in the process...good luck to you :)

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