My son says he is being bullied i am not sure if i believe him

Sam - posted on 11/20/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son who is in grade 2, has been saying this one student keeps on bothering him.
At first i told him to stay away...etc. then one day he said he hit me...and i complained to the teacher. and she took care of it.
then he came and said this student tripped me in PE class, but i didnt tell teacher.
then next day he says this student pushed me down the stairs in the playarea.

i had a meeting with teacher she said she will keep an eye. when the playarea incident happened..i sent her an email, that this is not acceptable..

guess what?

teacher goes your son and this student were not even on the same playground that day. she spoke with my son who said i didnt see who knocked me down.

i feel so embarrassed.
and cant believe my son lied to me. and now i dont know how much he tells me is actually the truth.

i was doubtful, the way he kept on changing the story but i felt i need to support him , so he can trust me. i didnt want to dismiss it so i went ahead and emailed the teacher.

i am so upset with my son.
i dont know what to do...if i am hard on him right now..that why did he lie...and i will have difficult time trusting him now on wards...he may not tell me in future if he gets bullied.

any input?

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