My son the A, B, C, D & F student.

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My 6 year old is just beginning the first grade. He began the year with excellent grades and was a sought after student by his now teacher. He was also a sought after student for K5 because of his exceptional reading skills and knowledge of untaught concepts.

My son has a hard time focusing. He rushes through everything. He is very easily side tracked. He will neglect the obvious thus putting any random answer on his work. This issue does not only occur with school work but with day to day activities and even sports. He gets so excited sometimes that he even forgets his underwear. He is always in a hurry. He trips and fall, bumps and falls all the time. In fact his frequent falls was his teachers primary concern the first week of school. Ashton is an awesome soccer player. Actually the best on his team but at times he will abruptly kick the ball to the opposing teams goal.

His grades for the first months of school are as followed:

ELA: 89,75,95
Social Studies: N/A

Social Studies: n/a

ELA: 89,95,100
Social Studies: n/a

Social Studies: Satisfactory

ELA: 59,89,42
Social Studies: Unsatisfactory

Please send me your motherly expertise.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/03/2013




Wow. What expertise do you want?

He's SIX. He's in FIRST GRADE. You want him to be a Mensa scholar?

I agree with Jodi. Back off. Looks to me like his main issue may be spelling. Fits right in, considering he's SIX YEARS OLD. He is not a college graduate student, so why are you being so harsh on him?

I've raised 2 of my own (one who is graduated and on his own, the other in HS). With my first son, I was YOU! I was so damned stressed about his "performance" and lack of "perfection" that I actually created learning issues with my own son, that he took the rest of his school career to conquer.

My "expertise" (since NO ONE is an expert at being a parent, the quotation marks): STOP right now. Back off of your kid before he gets so anxious about you not perceiving him as "perfect" that you create more problems down the road.

I reiterate: your kid is SIX. He is not supposed to know it all at the age of 6. That's why they call it LEARNING.

Again, read up a couple of paragraphs. You may THINK that you are doing no harm by being so damned demanding of perfection at the age of six. You may think that you are doing him a favor by showing him that the only acceptable performance is a perfect one, but in reality, you're creating a child who, by the time they are in middle school, will be an abysmal student, will hate to study, will hate homework, and most especially will shut himself off from you because you're the one who made him feel like he was a failure from the time he started school.

And, yes, that's blunt.

[deleted account]


I really appreciate your feed back but honestly it has 2 quarters now and we are still having issues. His father felt as you do the first few weeks but now he understands my concerns. I only gave a limit amount of grades for you guys to see the sporadic increase and decrease in his grades. I don't in the least bit think that my concern for my child will, "Mess him up." By all means please continue to relate your experiences and give me constructive advice.

Jodi - posted on 12/03/2013




OMG, back off!!! Seriously...first MONTHS of school? That is first weeks. And so the pressure begins? He has been at school for 4 weeks! Give it time! He is SIX. Sorry, but people putting so much pressure on grades, to me, is screwing the kids up. Four weeks in to first grade and you are freaking out. How about letting him find his way? No wonder our kids are so screwed up!

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