My son turns 14 today. For his birthday he wants to go to a shooting range. I'm not a big fan of guns but may be an educational experience in the use and safety of guns??


Ashley - posted on 12/23/2012




when i was 9, my brother's had moved to another state with my dad, and my mom had gotten attacked. it was only me and her at home, and most of the time it was just me because she was always working. anyway, after she got attacked, she decided it was best to learn how to shoot a gun. she went and bought a handgun, and took me to the shooting range with her. we did safety classes, and then learned how to shoot. after i got good, she put me on a shooting league. i am also not a big fan of guns either, but i do think it is important to know the dangers of guns, how to safely use them, and how to use them when you absolutely need to. i was scared when i first started going, but after the first couple times, i really started to enjoy it. i now know how to defend myself, and my kids, and im very happy my mom took me when i was young. it was a great learning experience, and it is one of the best memories i have of spending quality time with my mom. i would say to get him enrolled in some safety classes to attend before his birthday, so he will have an idea of what he is doing when it comes time to shoot on his birthday. good luck.

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