My son used to pee on the potty ok, but now he wont go at all. I need help.

Chantelle - posted on 01/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I leave my son with my ex husbands mom while I work. She is friends with my mom, so my sons usually gets to visit both grammas in one day.

Recently she took my son over for a visit, and while there he had to go. Typically I take his potty with me when I go, since I live just next door, or I take him home. She, however, attempted to make him potty without his special seat. Being as I was at work at the time, I really have no clue what happened. I was told she tried to make him use the potty, and he became hysterical, and after that she took him home to use his potty, and he wouldnt use it either.

Now, he is terrified of the potty, and for a short time wouldn't even bathe without throwing a huge fit. He doesn't want to go in the bathroom and claims there is a "terrible fish" in the potty. I have put him back in pull ups, and each day I offer his big boy underwear in exchange for sitting on the potty, but he will just hold it till bed time or wet his pants.

I am so frustrated and have no clue as to how to fix this. We have watch happy potty videos, talked about going potty, and I have even tried putting him on the potty and holding him (hugging) but he just screams and jumps right back off. Has anyone ever had this problem? I have done tons of searches but have not found anything about kids suddenly becoming afraid of the potty after being potty trained. Help!

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