My son was a premature baby

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My son is twelve years old and he was almost two months pre-mature,when he was little he got sick in the winter and the doctor said he was to young to have antibiotics then my child ended up with phnemonia.My child every year in the winter gets sick and has to use puffers when he's sick and sometimes antibiotics.Is this normal still at this age and he is more prone to getting sick because he was born premature?


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He may be more prone to illness, but at this point, by the age of 12, his immune system should be "normal"...

My kids have been ill on and off (colds, flu, bronchitis, etc) all of their lives. Everyone gets these at times. Pneumonia? I've had it, and I wasn't a preemie, neither were my kids.

If your initial pediatrician did not prescribe antibiotics based on the age of the child, then perhaps that physician did not believe in the use of antibiotics in children. Some are that way. Others will prescribe antibiotics at as young as 1 month, depending on illness and need.

Having multiple bouts with bronchial illnesses generally does result in needing a puffer for subsequent illnesses. This is common in adults and children with multiple bronchial issues, not just preemies.

Knowing one's triggers will help. Does cold air cause breathing problems? Then have him wear a scarf or muffler that he can breathe through, for example.

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He may have an underlying asthmatic condition that does lead to him being more likely to get sick. I don't think I have ever seen a baby too young to get antibiotics, that just doesn't make sense. To answer your main question, no premature kids can be just as healthy as full term and full term kids more sickly than preemies.


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Tammy - posted on 05/14/2016




He only seems to get sick in the fall and winter and when he gets sick the doctor gives him two puffers,sometimes antibiotics.He does have lots of allergies too.

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