My son was diagnosed autistic by his school, now what?

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My son started kindergarten in September and after a very quick evaluation, was diagnosed autistic. Now I'm not really sure what to do. He's been placed at a different school in a special program to cater to his disability, but I'm not getting much help from the school on what to do next. Does he see a specialist? Will I need a referral? Do I take him to a pediatrician to get the ball rolling? Is this an official diagnosis?


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Dove - posted on 10/07/2015




Ask to speak to the people that made the diagnosis. They should be able to provide you w/ their credentials that make them qualified (or not) and tell you what it all means.

Definitely speak to his regular doctor about getting another evaluation set up if you have any hesitations about the people that made this diagnosis.

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I was told it was an officially diagnosis because he was evaluated by a team of specialists including a psychologist. I was also told I could get a diagnosis from a doctor if I really wanted to, but that it was essentially official. This is my first time dealing with the school system, he is mine and my husbands first and only child. I'm a young mom and don't have much knowledge of the school system, I'm leaning still. I have little to no knowledge of autism spectrum disorder as well.

Jodi - posted on 10/06/2015




Hmmm, ok. Schools can't actually diagnose autism - they are not in any way qualified to do so. If I were you I'd talk to his pediatrician and go from there, but honestly, the school has no right to be diagnosing anything. Suggesting you get him evaluated, yes, but not diagnosing.

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