My son who is 20 left home

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I had a car accident on 4/1/13, thank God I had no injuries but instead of going to work I went home and found my son had packed all of his belongings and was leaving our home. I am still in shock and can not stop crying.


Liz - posted on 04/03/2013




It was certainly bad timing for you as you were shaken by the accident. It was also a shame that your son couldn't talk to you in advance so that you knew of his plans and didn't find it as a shock. Have you talked to him since to find out why he did it so suddenly and without chatting with you about it? Did he usually talk things through with you or has he always been kinda private?

It may be no more than that he found a good situation to move to and got on with moving, without thinking about any consequences for his family. It may be that there was something behind his desire to move out all of a sudden. Either which way, he's a grown man at 20 and it's not inappropriate for him to move out of your home. The thing you all need to work on is communicating so that you all understand each other's reasons and can work through any issues that get revealed before they become even larger problems.

I left my mother's house suddenly when I was 20 or 21. She'd developed VERY strong feelings against my then boyfriend, whom I later married. It was a disastrous marriage, but she kind of pushed me into it really by making it clear that she wouldn't even tolerate this man telephoning me at home or parking his car in 'her' street. My natural instinct at that age was to move out from under such restrictive and - to me, unfair - rules.

Thankfully, we eventually got to see eye to eye again and now the best of friends as we always had been before this period.

Whatever the reason behind your son's fast exit, I wish you good luck and hope you can work it all out.

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