My son will be 7 months on the 18th and im in need of some suggestions plz....I no at this age most people dont consider a child to have a tantrum BUT im pretty sure thats what my son throws if my boyfriend or I are doing something and hes not getting full attention he will scream at the top of his lugs and start (fake) crying until we stop what were doing and look or go in his direction then he starts smiling at us. At first it was cute and wed laugh about it now its becoming to be a problem because he will act they way everywhere now. He just screams until he gets what he wants which in most cases is just to be held. Teething check, Full stomach check, toys check, screaming and fake cries and then grinning from ear to ear and sometimes even laughing once we run to pick him up still a problem suggestions please.....


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Cherish - posted on 07/15/2012




I agree it is attention seeking,like LMCBW said you reacted to the screaming before(like by laughing and thinking it was cute,and I am sure at first it WAS funny and cute) and now he thinks that is how he needs to act to get attention....
Maybe you can give him attention when he is being lovely(like pick him up and play with him when he is quietly chilling out),and ignore it when he is is screaming(as long as he is not hungry,wet...etc)
He could just be a clingy baby,I had to wear my daughter around almost 24/7 when she was small and she was a fat
He could also be bored,maybe you can play with him BEFORE he starts screaming,like if he is just fussing.

It is hard when a baby that young has a behavior like that because they do not really understand WHAT they are doing,they just know when they do "it",they get what they want...there is obviously no reasoning with him.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/15/2012




This is not so much a tantrum as much as it is attention seeking and receiving. At one point or another, he was screaming and you came to his aid. He liked the attention he received, and has learned when I scream and cry momma comes running. The only thing that I can recommend is don't react the way he expects you to. Ignore him, gently stroke his back, or tell him mommy won't pick you up until you stop.

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