My son won't go poop in the toilet

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Hi My son is refusing to go poop in the toilet. He goes pee fine. But once I sit him down to go poop even when I know he has to go, he won't. My first kid was trained in a month around the same age 3-3.5yrs old
I'm not comparing but he sees his bro do it all the time. Why is he refusing ? I've tried telling him that poop and pees belong in the toilet and let's see if he can make a loud thump noise when it comes out, but he just won't. He held it in for two days and then I gave in. I told him he can poo in his trng pants and he did!!! I don't want to force him, and I don't want to make him constipated. What are some solutions for this?


Bridget - posted on 08/10/2013




besides his brother, does he see you poop, too. maybe if he sees you and his brother doing it, it may reassure him that it really is alright to do that in the toilet. maybe it could be the fact that it is the toilet that he just does not feel comfortable doing it in. Have you tried to sit him down on a potty instead? with my child, it took me, buying a potty to get my child off of diapers, completely. when he is on the toilet, try reading him a book about going potty, that we he has more reassurance that it is alright to go and not just that but it will get his mind off of the fear of being on the toilet, for a second and by the time you get done reading the book to him, he could have gone poop in the toilet before he even knows it. and with all i have said to do and use for when he goes poop, just continue telling him verbally that it is alright and when he does eventually go in the toilet, reward him with a sticker or something else that he likes. continue rewarding him the next couple of times he does it and let him know, after the first time he has done it and the next couple of times you sit him on the toilet, let him know, also, if he really wants that reward, again, he has to go poop in the toilet, again and not anything else. and by than he should be completely off of those training pants and confidently doing it on his own. try this out and tell me how it goes :).

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