my son wont keep his covers on at night

Coreen - posted on 12/03/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




my 13 month old son will not keep any sort of cover on him at night ive tried tucking the covers in but he kicks them off then he wakes early hours of the morning because hes cold. i put him to bed in baby grows i have tried 2 piece pjs but he some how gets the trousers of anyone having the same problem or has anyone got a suggestions?


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Veronica - posted on 12/05/2010




Try putting the one-piece jammies on backwards, so the zipper is out of reach. Obviously they have to be the non-footie ones. This will keep the little one from stripping completely. Also try either an electric blanket under him, or an electric mattress cover. I don't know if they make them in crib sizes, but I know the queen-sized one works wonders (try bed bath and beyond).
Good luck!

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Fleecy footy pjs are the best! You can also try flannel crib sheets and pillow cases. They're great for winter time. If there's any way to keep his room even a degree or 2 warmer, it will help. Maybe he would have fun sleeping with his favorite hat on to keep some extra heat in? Good luck!

Olesya - posted on 12/04/2010




My kids do the same. I used a sleep sac until they were 18 month then we use a worm one piece Footed Pajamas. If it doesn’t help try an electric blanket under the mattress cover turn in on low and he will stay worm all night long without turning heat up.
Good Luck

Aprille - posted on 12/04/2010




My son was the exact same way when he was little, he's 9 now, and still the exact same way. I found when he was younger, one piece footy pj's worked well, also keeping the house a warm temp through the night. Now he prefers sleeping in just his undies and I try to cover him before I head to bed, but he's at the age now where he just covers himself when he gets cold! Good luck!!!

Jane - posted on 12/04/2010




Our little boy has always been the same, so we put him in a Sleeping Bag and it's always done the trick :)

Tammy - posted on 12/03/2010




I use a sleeping bag on my 17mo. I was also wondering what people do about that because I would like to start using blankets instead of the bag soon!

September - posted on 12/03/2010




Neither does our 2 year old son. I just dress him in warm pj's (one pieces) and keep the house warm at night and he stays plenty warm. You could try a toddler sleeping bag or sleep sacks. Good luck!

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