my son wont listen and he wont get a job and he threatens to kill himself if I kick himout , he is 18 and no job and just wants to party, he says he had a bad life and I do not understand, help?


Krista - posted on 07/13/2012




Tell you what, Julie. The next time he threatens to kill himself, you call 911.

I'm serious.

He's manipulating you, because he knows that the threat will get you to back off and let him do what he wants.

So call his bluff. When he threatens, you call 911 and tell them that your son is threatening suicide. He'll have to be put under observation at the hospital for at least 24 hours.

Yes, he'll be mad. He'll be REALLY mad. But he wont' pull that crap anymore. And when he gets home, you can say, "Okay. So you say you've had a hard life, and you've threatened suicide repeatedly. Here's the deal. You are going to go to a therapist, and you are going to get a job. That is the condition, if you wish to continue living here. Otherwise, if you wish to live by your own rules and do whatever YOU please, then you are welcome to do so under your own roof. We love you, and do not want you to leave, but we cannot continue like this. So it's up to you."

Denikka - posted on 07/13/2012




Totally, 100% agree with Krista. You need to put your foot down and end this.
Good luck :)


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Julie - posted on 07/13/2012




Thank you so much for letting me talk to you, I had enough today cause he said he was sick, well that is because he partied last night , and where he gets the money I don't know, I wont even but pops to put in the fridge , cause I have went through this before with him, today I told him he has til monday , and he better be up getting a job , cause if I just said look , he would worm his way around that, I have to stand firm and I will , I stayed in my beddroom today, cause I didn't want to watch him sleep, this is hard, I hope he is being honest this time cause if not , I have to let go.

Lakota - posted on 07/13/2012




I agree with Krista. I have a question though. If he isn't working, how is he getting money to party?

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