My son wouldnt nurse and now I feel disappointed what should I do?

Junglekitty - posted on 05/07/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I really wanted to breastfeed, but after my c-section I got an infection in the incesion and had to quit nursing while on the antibiotics as they gave hima tummy ache. I pumped while feeding him formulas to keep my milk supply coming but when I went back to nursing he was not intrested at all what can I do? I feel disappointed.

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Lise - posted on 12/31/2010




You can bring him to the breast if you want. Breastfeeding needs to be taught to some babies, but almost all babies can do it with help (my daughter was tongue-tied, so I know it can take some work).

Check out this resource (and the site and forum are FANTASTIC for breastfeeding!):

Melinda - posted on 05/07/2009




Hi Nicole,
My daughter didn't nurse until she was 5 weeks old, because a nurse in the hospital went against my birth plan and fed her from a bottle....I tried day after day and was completely distraught and felt so rejected from baby. But the best thing I can tell you is to keep trying, you never know when he'll decide that he does want to breastfeed.

Emily - posted on 05/07/2009




I had my heart set on breastfeeding my son.. However, he had different plans he was a very lazy baby and wanted nothing to do with it, he wanted it when he wanted it and didn't want to work for it. So my lactation consultant suggested if i really wanted him to have breast milk to exclusively pump. Which ic what i ended up doing, it was hard but it was well worth it.

Jeanne - posted on 05/07/2009




Some babies take to breast feeding and others don`t so DO NOT beat yourself up about it. You can keep pumping if you chose and give him breast milk through a bottle. If this is not viable then continue formula feedings. Once most babies have tried a bottle they don`t like going back to the breast since it is harder to get milk from the breast then the bottle. I wanted to breast feed my daughter but because of the meds after her birth I was unable to and with my son I had an emergency c-section and my milk only came in a week after his birth at which point he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the breast and they are both healthy, happy and thriving.

Libby - posted on 05/07/2009




I don't think you should give up. If you still have your milk it doesn't mean you need to stop trying b/c he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. It can be frustrating but why give up trying? Sometimes it takes babies longer than others. My son was tube fed, then bottle fed while in the NICU for the first 6 weeks of his life. I started to try to nurse him before he left the hospital and just kept working on it after we got home. He nursed almost until he was a year old. And when he didn't nurse and when I pumped, I had plenty of milk for him on those times he wanted a bottle, as well as plenty of frozen milk for when after I let my milk completely dry up b/c at a certain point I started to not make as much anymore. But it was worth it in the long run to keep trying.

Shelly - posted on 05/07/2009




I tried breastfeeding my first child after having a c-section and thought she was doing well but after 2 days they told me my body was not producing anything for her - even my collostrum was too thick . I was devaststed as she was starting to get ill. They told me to keep trying but it became very stressful for both of us and I had to go onto bottles . I was very dissopointed and felt that I was missing out but made sure we had alot of cuddles at bottle times and I believe a very strong bond developed . I have since had a second child by c-section and was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed this time but my bond with the child I did breastfeed is just the same as the bond I have with the child I didn't . I firmly believe it makes no difference how you feed them as long as you love them ......... try not be too hard on yourself

Becky - posted on 05/07/2009




Firstly don't give up if it is what you want to do.

I know exactly how you feel, i wanted to breastfeed my daughter but she had such an over active suck she ripped both my nipples (and when on a bottle we used to go through teats like they were going out of fashion!) and i ended up locking myself in the bathroom when she cried for a feed. My poor husband and mother trying to get me to come out. Finally we put her onto a bottle and i expressed milk to give her, i managed to do that for just over 9 months with her (although towards the end my milk supply had dropped to about two 9oz bottles a day). But i felt i had failed.
Then my son was born and again i was determined to breast feed, but Oliver had a lazy larynx and did not suck very well so again resorted to the expressing my milk but this time it only lasted 6 months i guess having two kids really made it harder.
Don't punish yourself.
I now have two very health children who were joint breast and formula fed.
My suggestion to you would be purchase an electronic double breast pump and one hand pump for out and about. (this is what i did) then pump both breasts as often as you can as this will keep milk supply up. Give your little one the breast milk either in a bottle or a feeding cup this will help get them used to the taste (which is different from formula). Its the same with weaning small little steps. Then as Deanne suggested i would try putting him to the breast with a bottle ready. As your breast tastes different from a teat make sure you have expresssed some of your milk onto you nipple so he tastes that rather than skin.
But remember a healthy child means you are a successful mum so even if he is formula fed that means you are a success.
We all know that breast is best BUT sometimes for both you and your child formula is the best in your situation. With Jessica it stopped her from tearing my nipples until i could get expressing, and made both of us happy.

Deanne - posted on 05/07/2009




Don't be so hard on yourself. While it is lovely to be able to breastfeed if your baby isn't interested, don't stress him or yourself out. you can still enjoy lots of cuddles while feeding him a bottle. You could perhaps try him on the nipple every time he's due to feed,(if you have any milk left) but have a bottle ready to avoid him getting upset. perhaps by doing that every feed, let him get used to the feel of your nipple again, he might slowly take a little bit, but don't ever push him to the point of crying or you will teach him that feeding is upsetting. Deanne

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