My sons dad says he wants to be involved but lives a mile down the road and comes over about once every two weeks to see our son. Also he doesnt help out with anything. How do I handle this?


Ev - posted on 05/20/2014




AS far as his coming to see your son, its up to him to do this. You can not force anyone to do what they need to be doing as a parent, they have to want to do that.
As for helping out, are you talking with money to buy what the child needs or also helping to take care of him,watch him while you are gone and things of that nature? If so, do you have a custody, visitation and child support set up? If not, it may be time to do this but as far as him doing the visits you can not make him do it. It is his own fault for not having a good enough relationship with the kiddo.

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