my sons dad wants to take him from me what can i do to keep me and my son safe?


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If he is a physical danger to you and your son... call the police. If you are worried about potential physical danger... call the police. Stay in your house w/ your son and lock the door if you are in physical danger.

If you aren't in physical danger... go speak to a lawyer asap.

Is there a custody/visitation order? Were/are you married to the father? Is he on the birth certificate? These are things that can and will effect what the police can and can't do to help you right now if you aren't in physical danger and the father takes the child.

Jennifer - posted on 01/06/2012




he is such a good liar and what he says go s. I dont no do i go to the police department and let someone no whats going on and if he comes over to my house and i call 911 will they get here befor kris takes my son out of my hands ?

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