My sons father had 2 kids months apart, and i feel sad about it.

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I have been with my sons father for almost 7 years since I was 16 years old. I just found out that he cheated on my last year and that 2 kids were products of it. So I left him and took my son with and we moved to AZ. but I don't know why I feel sad. I find myself having dreams about him lately and then we argue about him not trying to visit with his son when we are in town and he says that he doesn't care to see my son because he has his other 2 kids. Im emotionally drained. My son doesn't deserve it. but then I worry about him being mad because I feel as though it might be better if he doesn't see him anymore. Has anyone went through something similar? I need advice as to how I can feel better. I hate that im letting this effect me like it has.


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When a long term relationship ends, it is like a death. It's normal for you to feel sad and hurt. Especially if you have a kid with this person, it's normal to even dream about the person and the life that you could have had. But, he didn't respect you or your son and he cheated on you. You did right by getting away from him.

If your ex doesn't want to see your son, then it's probably best not to argue and fight about it. You should go to court and file for full custody (even if you are not asking for child support), just so he can't come back later and accuse you of illegally keeping the boy from him.

Do what you need to do to protect yourself and your son. There are better men out there that will love you and want to be a father to your boy.

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