my sons father really causes stress for me and it harms my health

Anna - posted on 08/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hey im just looking for some advice , i have had heart problem palpatations, skipping beats etc for year and years, im living with it now year ago i got pregnant with my first baby , the guy didnt wanna be with me that all was fine with me after a while, now baby is year old me and his dad are arguing all the time, iv taken him to courts 3 times for maintance his still not payng nothing , im basicly on my own in another country raising my child whenever he talks to me i get really nervous coz he really puts me down with the words, im moving to another town coz i have my sister living there, his always sayn things to me that really hurts and today he said he will ring police and stop me from moving i was just cryn half of day shaking my heands are still shaking i cant deal with this stress he gives me each time he tries talk to me it really does harm my health just looking for some advices maybe someone could give me , as i still have to stay in contact with him as his my sons father thanks


Enna - posted on 08/26/2013




Go to the police first if he's harassing you. If the situation is serious they can get you a mediator so you don't have to talk to each other.
But more importantly you need to go see a doctor. They'll probably run some tests to be sure you don't have heart problems (not sure if you have diagnosed problems or not), but what you're describing sounds like a panic attack, and extreme anxiety. They can give you medication for that that will make you feel a lot better, and it won't interfere with taking care of your son.

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