My sons father seems to care about everything else but helping me!

Mellissa - posted on 07/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son's father has a new gf and since they have been together he hardly keeps our son. He also has ruined any credit i had due to a foreclose on our home because he didnt pay on the house or give me any child support over the 6 months while he lived there. He cant give me a answer as to why he did it but i know he just blew all his money on her and drinking.

When he does have our son, he always takes him to his parents house where they take care of lil man for him or so he can go out. I always hear from people that he is out when he is suppose to be taking care of my kid. I live here alone and have no family help. I work in retail so i work alot of weekends and nights so i dont have a choice but to leave him with his father. My heart ache that he goes out instead of being with our son.

I cant rely on him for anything and when it come to child support we dont have a legal agreement and he does pay sometimes but i cant count on it. I am scared that cause i am a 45 hr working mother the courts might not give me full custody. If the courts do grant me full custody will child support include payment for a sitter? Im just so confused as what i should do. I dont want my son to be raise by his grandparents when i dont have him.

Even tho i do make good money its not enough to get by. Im just looking for some answers because i cant get my sons father to understand what he's doing to us. Should i file for custody? Or just start with filing for child support? Pls help me!!!


Louise - posted on 07/23/2012




Go to a citizens advice bureau and ask them for free legal help in this matter. He needs to be paying regularly and seeing his son at regular intervals. Also the bad debt can be lifted from your house and transfered to him to give you back your credit rating. Speak to a lawyer and get good solid advice.

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