My sons soon to be stepmother has been trying to turn my son away from me

Lauren - posted on 04/22/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My x husbands girlfriend has been bad mouthing me for years now. She has told my son I was gay, called DCF on me, showed up at the bus stop next to my house calling the cops on me because I didn't want my son near her and it was his father's day so she thought she could just take him. I got very depressed and tried to commit suicide ( my son was not with me) several days after I got out of the hospital not being able to contact my son, I went to his school to sign him out, she showed up out of nowhere trying to get my son and had to be escorted off school property. She had a very close relationship with his teacher last year and I felt alienated from being part of my child's education. This year I tried to make things ok with her but she turned on my when I decided I am not going to hold my son back in school. I have finally stopped the emails being sent to her from the teacher. She is on a power trip and will stop at nothing. She tells me that she's his mother and to deal with it. My son is always being questioned about me. I am not a bad mom. I don't beat my kid, I don't do drugs, I don't go out, I love my son, I do everything I can for him. I made all doctor appointments and take him. I do it all, I'm legal decision maker, she Hates that. I take my son fishing all the time. We have fun together. He cries so often at his dad's and Never cries at my house. Yet she always is making remarks that I show in my actions that I don't love my son and that she takes better care of him then I ever will. Today I got a text saying soon she will legally be his stepmother and I just have to get used to it. That's fine but it's time to back off. It's been time. She landed a job last year in a lawyers office after my suicide attempt and told my son she wishes she was a fly on the wall when people take him away from me. The father and I went to court and he's still with me. Now she has landed a job substituting in school, yes even his, and she bad mouths me to the school staff. I'm fed up. What do I do. I'm always frightened thinking about what she's plotting next.


Ev - posted on 04/22/2014




Talk to your laywer about getting it set up that she can not have anything legally to do with your son and what goes on with him. Legally, she has no rights as a step mom. The courts would have to decide that you were so unfit that you would not have your child. And the only way she would get rights to do anything would be if your rights were taken from you. SHe has no leg to stand on. She is being difficult.

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