my sons step-mother calls my house to say goodnight to my son am i alone in thinking thats weird that she calls but my ex doesnt????


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Maren - posted on 07/31/2012




My step MIL is the one who always sends birthday cards to our family. It does not mean that my FIL does not care, he just isn't the one who takes care of that. I know your situation is different, but remember that in general women are more caring (it is our maternal nature).
I think you should be glad that she cares enough about your son that she wants to say goodnight.

Even when my husband and I go out of town without the kids for a few nights I call every night and my husband isn't phased by it much!

Chaya - posted on 07/30/2012




It's fine for grandparents to call to say goodnight as long as you're comfortable with it. The fact that your ex doesn't concerns me more.

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