My soon to be 3 year old was doing so well over the last few months but is recently starting to wet the bed again even at nap time !!! What should i do ......


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Dove - posted on 04/09/2013




If it has started all of a sudden then you may want to take the child to the doctor to rule out an infection.

Other than that.... it's normal. If it's happening every night you could put the child in pull ups or diapers over night. Otherwise make sure the mattress is well protected and clean jammies are easy to get too.

When I dealt with this issue (for YEARS) I always had a folded towel ready to put over the wet spot at night. Saved us all a little sleep since the kid just needed a jammie change and all the laundry had to be washed in the morning anyway, so one more towel wasn't a big deal.

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