My Special Child accused of rape

Lorenzo Mona Liza - posted on 06/27/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was diagnosed at the age of six with speech delay secondary to autism. He improved after the physical and occupational therapies we attended. He was then diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 11 and now at 19, he was diagnosed with a manageable Hypekinetic Disorder. He is now being accused of rape and standing trial. He was jailed for about a week and when the cell was already congested, they transferred him inside the investigation room and now under police custody. The complainant is a six year old child but medical examination said the child has no known injuries or lacerations and discharge or whatsoever. We tried to seek psychiatric test to prove his mental disability but the fiscal denied our request. I don't know how else I could help my son. Our attorney is saying that we just need to prove his mental disability. Knowing my son by heart, I believe the supposed rape could not have happen in broad day light when a lot of kids and mothers were out playing and having their snacks near the alleged crime scene. My son has already missed his special education class, his annual medical check-up and our schedule with his EENT for his cholesteatoma and his schedule with a psychiatrist at tne Nat'l Center for Mental Health. Our savings, supposedly for his theraphy, has drained already. I've been absent from wrok for about a month already. I'm trying to get a loan should I decide to follow the advice of the investigators to settle the case amicably but I'm worried of the amount the complainant will ask us. I'd like to fight and stand by our ground that nothing have happen given the negative result of the medico legal and my son's mental disability to perpetrate such but my health is going downhill. I wonder how else I could help him if I become sick. Please pray for us to get through. I'd like to hold on the adage that "this too will pass" with the help of our Lord. As soon as this is finished, I will resume my son's therapy.

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