My Special Needs Daughter wont sleep late driving me crazy

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Morning Brittany is 18 and was born with trismony Downe's Syndrome at birth in March of this year she started with seizures and had to be homeschooled she is now attending a day support program Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays 8 to 12p.m. we get up those mornings after 5 van comes between 7:20 and 7:50 if its running late she gets home between 12:15 and 12:35.

I have a lot to do no matter what around the apartment some days are worse then others she wonts to get up at 6:30 if you let her she woke up at 6:45 this morning and I got to get her things ready for tomorrow my boyfreind cooks he tells me to go back and lay down on the sofa well that might work Brittany can be sneaky and you cannot think about sleeping when she is up.
She wonts to eat all day you let her and that is another reason because she will maybe go and try to fix her a sandwich she wont mess with the stove the microwave yes again you cannot go to slep it takes when I am on the computer sometimes again you have to watch her.

I try and wont a rountine where I dont be so tired get her bath or wash up out the way even for school never can way she sleeps things to do around the apartment I have nights I go to bed drained she has been going to her day support group now for 2 weeks and there already have been some mornings I wont her to stay home as for someone coming in to help me her case manger from Blue Ridge had me filll out a form for a program but it got denied because she is doing her day suppport.
She mentioned another waiver after she graduates which hopefully will allow someone to come in I have medicines to give Brittany of mornings wheter she is home or going out that is a lot of work also she is on 4 medcations one is for the abcess she had on her eye she very seldom takes naps I do cook sometimes to I just wish she would sleep later of mornings thats all I ask.
Another thing there have been some late mornings not many when we first moved here in 12/2007 to me she would sleep more later then now at times

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