My spouse always has friends over

Yvette - posted on 01/16/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




My hubby has friends over at least once per day.. I am pretty reasonable but I work long hours and sometimes I need space. I'm more private and he likes people in his face all the time. This weekend is our 5yr old's 6th bday party and we are having a hotel sleepover and my hubby informed me that one kid is staying with us thru the MLK Holiday. I have homework and I know I won't get a break. My hubby called me "the wicked witch of the west". This kid is my boys half brother by the way and his mother is the spawn of Satan. My husband treats this kid as if he were his own but I don't trust his mother.. She is evil. I just need for one week to go by without my hubby having company over. It's almost every weekend.


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Michelle - posted on 01/16/2014




You have 2 issues here and you haven't made them very clear.
1) You don't like your husband to have people over every night then tell him. It's your house as well. You first said every night and then at the end changed it to every weekend. What is it?
2) Who is the Father of both the children? Is your child from a previous relationship? If your husband isn't the Father of the other child then the Father of your child must be. If that's case then what sort of relationship do you have with the other child?

You need to be quite clear or people will get confused. Paragraphs also help when dealing with 2 different issues.

Jodi - posted on 01/16/2014




This is his son? Seriously? If this is your boy's half brother, it is your step-son, your husband's son, right? Are you really calling him "company"????? And you really have a problem with him having him over every weekend?

Amy - posted on 01/16/2014




You're calling his kids company?? They're his kids not company, company to me is friends or co-workers. I would suggest some counseling for both of you since the name calling on both parties is very immature and nothing is going to get better unless you both find better ways to communicate with each other.

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