My Step daughter has easier time talking to me then her Mom, now her mom is punishing her for talking to me about issues.

Jodie - posted on 01/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My step daughter lives with her mom and at 11 years old had some serious issues going on where they live and her mom was having a hard time dealing with her. My step daughter came to live with her dad and I and changed schools and did so much better.My step daughter had a better time living with her dad and I and we didn't have the issues that were happening where she lived when she lived with her mom. She was honor roll, she had a better friend circle and grew very close with me the step mom. Her mom made her move back with her and the problems seemed to have come back. My step daughter is open with me and has an easy time talking to me about her problems and has begged to move back with her dad and I . I listen to my step daughter and will never refuse her an outlet to talk to me about her problems, I try to tell her she needs to be able to talk with her mom about these issues as well. I finally got her to open up to her mother and she and I are both being punished now for doing so.Her mom has taken her phone away and is keeping her on lock down because her daughter prefers to talk to me about her issues. I feel so bad, I told my step daughter she should talk to her mom also and that actually got her in trouble and now left without the ability to talk to me. What is this girl suppose to do , if she doesn't feel like she can talk to her mom about what is going on, obviously she was correct. the time she did talk to her mom, her mom reacted this way. Kids need an outlet to be able to discuss thier issues especially this day and age and her mom cutting her off from this isn't helping her daughter. I understand how it must make her mom feel , that her own daughter is closer to her step mom than her own mother, but her child or me shouldn't be punished for it. Her mom is pulling some very crazy things now and I don't believe it is healthy to do, I just need some help with knowing what I should do to be able to help my step daughter without getting her in more trouble.


Lakota - posted on 01/07/2013




I think it's great that you too are close and can talk. She needs an adult she can talk to and sometimes it is easier for kids to go to a step parent. Why was the mom able to take her back when she seemed to be doing better? What does your husband say?

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