My Step-Daughter wants an IPHONE for Christmas. She is turning 15 Jan 5. She lives with her mom on a full-time basis, and with us on the wknds, or when she doesn;t have anything to do, bc she thinks our house is boring.(KIDS) Anyway, my question, or concern is that her mother wants to go half and half on the cell bill. I think that my husband and I could probably swing the extra 25$ a month, but I think she should have a little part-time job after school to pay for her data ect, and have her mom continue to pay the 10$ a month phone bill w/o the data. She is a good kid, but has 0 responsability, and her mom does get a good amount for child support that I think that if she really wants this phone she should work for it. I am not saying we wouldn't buy the phone as a gift, but I dont think it is up to us to pay the bill. Now she doesn't want to talk to her dad .....UGH !


Jodi - posted on 12/03/2012




My 15 year old pays his own phone bill in full. He doesn't have an iPhone, but he has a Samsung smart phone, and I believe it is time for him to start taking responsibility for his own costs. He has a job and pays many of his own costs now that I consider non-necessities. I agree with you, perhaps it is time for her to pick up a part time job. It's never too soon to teach kids a little responsibility.

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