My stress is causing my dh to be unhappy

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My dd is 1 year old. We have little family support and I spend ALL my time with my girl. I know I need more time and often feel stressed about not being able to do simple things like take a nap or shower regularly. I often look to my dh for support but he feels he is doing all he can. We see things differently. I feel resentful of my hubby and family for not being able to give me more relief from baby duties. My hubby tells me my stress is making him unhappy. Are other moms dealing with/or have experienced this? How can I manage my feelings/expectations?


Firebird - posted on 08/07/2013




Well, for starters you can get the idea out of your head that it's your family's responsibility to help you take care of your child, because it's not. Your kid, not theirs. Second, if your husband cannot watch his child long enough for you to have a shower every day, he is not doing enough. At one year old, I'm going to assume your daughter still naps during the day, so you can take a nap while she is sleeping too. or you can try going to bed earlier, so you won't need a long nap every day.

Get a babysitter every other week so you and your husband can have a date night, doesn't have to be for an entire evening, even two hours without the baby will help you both. You can both take turns spending the evening watching the little one so the other can have a evening with friends. He can pitch in with housework, like helping to fold his own laundry and doing the dishes once or twice a week. The two of you need to sit down together and organize your time better so neither of you feels like you're taking on too much. You are both going to have to compromise in some areas. That's life.

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