My Super Stubborn 3 year old

Courtney - posted on 01/10/2018 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old little boy who doesn't think he has to listen to anything or anyone. He is super smart and know exactly what you are telling him to do and he know right from wrong but chooses his own path and it is impossible to make him listen to anything he doesn't want to listen to. I have tried everything: Stern voice, Timeout, Spanking(yes I know everyone don't agree, but my version of a spanking is a pop on the bottom or hand), I have tried taking him to the side and talking to him trying to explain why he needs to listen, I have taken away toys and cartoons... name it! I have tried and nothing has worked thus far.. He is a great kid and super sweet and his good days are the ones I cherish so much and wish he had more good then bad because I am at wits end and don't know what else to do.... Please anyone I need some advise in a serious way.... Thank You


Karen - posted on 03/05/2018




you need to be more stearn with him put your foot down try spanking his bare but use a wooden spoon


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Ashley - posted on 03/08/2018




lol a good spanking will surely "break the horse" if you get the terminology. Thats what i call those stubborn children. wild horses. they just need to be broken. exhaustion works too. I had this child that would throw these FITS good ness huge fits and i would just bear hug cuz they aren't going anywhere, it wouldn't hurt them, it wouldn't hurt me id sit indian style my legs over theirs in their time out with them because they would NOT sit, and id have my arms over theirs and just have them sit still, they would exert ALL their energy and realize I'm stronger and I'm the ruling force and the boss and in the end when they were done fighting they realized i was there for the hug and the comfort and all that too to help build them up in the way they should actually go. it takes a few times but it gets less and less and easier and easier.
Ill also say that when a child is acting like that its usually because there is something going on like lack of attention at home, or mom and dad are gone 10-12 hours a day at work and its hard on them, new siblings, just busy parents, change in routines, change in environment like moved to new house or changed daycares or daycare teachers, grandparent died, you name it. look for those things that could be upsetting you child and most things can be fixed by finding out how your child receives love from you and just loving them a little extra when the need it, weather it be story time/play time with the parent (one on one), hugs and kisses (physical touch), just saying you love them, telling them WHEN they actually do do a good job, things like that. Don't spot discipline though always be consistent consistent consistent with that, cuz you drop the ball once and they will test you, come kids more then others but they will.
theres actually a book for the love thing i think i haven't read it. the five love languages for children i think by Gary Chapman i think

Michelle_williams - posted on 03/06/2018




i agree he needs his bottom bared and the paddle or brush applied vigorously

Ev - posted on 03/05/2018




Karen-spanking a 3 year old does not get the point across. You need to be firm and consistent in what you do with a child. You first need to show them the example to follow of the behaviors they need to be having. Next you come up with appropriate consequences that they understand at that age such as they throw toys...said toys go away---they hit someone you tell them that hurt and no hitting. Also distraction is a wonder as well--sometimes distraction is the best of all--you keep the child busy and away from a dangerous thing or out of the things you do not want them to touch.

Michelle - posted on 01/11/2018




At this age they do test the boundaries.
Consistency is the key with discipline. It really depends on what he is doing as to what consequence you use but make sure you are consistent. Pick something he loves and take it away. It could be a toy, watching a certain show or even just having an icecream. Don't give in and if you take away an object then he doesn't get it back until he can tell you what he did wrong to have it taken away.

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