My teen daughter has come out as Bi, now is loosing her friends.

Sally - posted on 05/19/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter who is 13 came out this fall as Bi, to her few friends at school and to us (parents). I really wish she would have come to me first and let me know she wanted to do this, i would not have discouraged her, but perhaps had her wait on it a bit, and figure out the right time and place to do it. Months later she has lost her BFF, and now she is feeling depressed about the loss and the BFF is trying to lure her friends away to her side...Arrrrr. This is hurting me so badly, i hate seeing her so upset. The Mom of the BFF said she is going to let her daughter "work it out" with mine without any parental assistance. Not working, my daughter is being ignored by this ex BFF and it is effecting her. What to do? what to do?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/19/2015




Truth be told. Regardless of your daughter coming out as Bisexual, this is the unfortunate way many young girls at this age treat eachother. They are awful. The best thing that you can do, is be there for your daughter and make sure that she knows how much she is loved. That her true friends would not do this to her. Your daughters BFF with either come around (and when she does it is up to your daughter to accept her friendship back) or she will continue to be cruel while your daughter goes on with her life. There is no easy fix here. Unfortunately the girls mom is right. They need to work it out (as long as there is no bullying, tormenting or something that could get serious). There could have been any number of things that would have turned her previous bff against. It honestly doesn't sound like she is a good friend overall. Maybe never was.

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