My teenage daughter is struggling with her weight

Jennifer - posted on 07/25/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 13 and overweight. I don't want to bring up the word "diet" but I need advice to inspire her to eat better and exercise more. Any advice?


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Sarah - posted on 07/29/2015




At 13 you are providing most of her food, if you are giving healthy choices and she is over eating, I suggesting "plating" food and then giving her her meal. Then she can see the proper portion size and really consider if she is still hungry before consuming more food. Getting her involved in sports will not only her her physique but will help her make new friends and increase her self-esteem.
As always, IMO, I think it is important to rule out a medical reason for her weight. Kids can have hypothyroidism or other endocrine issues that cause weight gain. Did she recently gain or has this been a long term issue?

Ledia - posted on 07/27/2015




What is your own fitness regimen like? Could you encourage her to work out with you?

There are YMCA's all over the country, they are very affordable, but if it feels too much like a gym, she won't like it.

What sports does she play? Could you swap out more sedentary sports for more active ones? Or encourage her to practice one or two days more each week in order to excel? If she is too overweight, her performance in her sports would suffer and I think that would normally be enough to encourage her to work harder, and thus lose the extra weight.

As for food, at 13, she should be eating mostly what you are eating. If you make mostly healthy choices at home, the few meals she has away from you shouldn't have a big impact on her over all diet.

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