My Teenage Daughter Thinks She's a Lesbian/Bisexual?!

Henley - posted on 07/17/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 13-year-old has recently came up with a thought that she may be homosexual or bisexual and admits that she's been thinking about it for a while now. I was shocked and asked why and she said that she's not interested in making out and has never had any crushes on any guys yet, I told her that it's normal for someone to not have crushes or yet but she continued on and insisted that she might be interested in females ever since she was very young - and that she wants to touch a young girl who just finished 12th grade who's our neighbor. However, she says that she curls up with her blanket sometimes and thinks of boys touching HER! She has been in counseling at school and I remember sometime back in June that the counselor reported that she started spreading rumors about getting a high school boyfriend and she used Microsoft Word to print out a fake "letter" of a made-up person writing to her, addressing her as "you are so hot and sexy". I know that being a teen can be quite confusing, but is this really normal at her stage? She made some kids feel uncomfortable at school in 6th and 7th grade with her boy-talk and I'm worried about 8th grade because she'll be starting somewhere fresh - we are getting her to attend a high school that is 8-12 and my husband and I are far concerned that we moved to a new city with new school boundaries, and kids start as freshmen a year earlier but she may make other people feel uncomfortable at school? Especially the fact that she thinks high school means dating and at her old middle school, she made others feel so uncomfortable that we got contacted twice - one was in 6th grade, the other was about a year later in 7th.


Dove - posted on 07/18/2015




She needs to be made well aware that no matter what her sexual orientation may be... 13 is WAY too young for sex... period. Male or female, she should not be touching them and they should not be touching her. Thinking about it is one thing, but actually doing it.... just no.... and talking about it outside of counseling or confiding in you can give people the wrong idea about her.

Keeping her in the counseling is certainly a good idea. Some of the teenagers are certainly focused on sex and relationships, but many are also still focused on just being friends and having fun.... which I consider way more 'normal'.

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