My ten year old step daughter, throws fits, kicking her bed, crying when she getting consequences for her unacceptable behaviors. She is the oldest of the three we have at home. She knows better but keeps doing same thing and losing her privileges. All I know to do is to stand firm and be consistent. Her sister is nine and brother eight. They behave better than she does when they get in trouble. Any advise, I'm open.


Michelle - posted on 05/22/2014




You need to keep being consistent.
It may also help to sit down and have a calm discussion with her (not when she's in trouble) and ask her why she keeps doing things. Make sure that it's not when has done something wrong but see if she will open up.
What role is her Father playing in it all? Is he giving the consequences or is it you? If it's just you then she could be craving attention from her Father. Children don't care if the attention they get is "bad", they just want to have some sort of attention from their parents.

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