My three year old isn't making friends

Tara - posted on 06/17/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost Three year old isn't making any friends. When i ask her if she would like a friend over, she's quite indifferent to the idea. If i invite another kid over to play, she doesn't interact with them, and often wants to stay with me or play by herself. She still has trouble sharing and isn't friendly to children or other adults at all.

When someone other than family smiles at her, she won't smile back and if someone hugs her - its all over, she cries and pushes them away. This makes other child then feel hurt and they often cry.

She plays best in scenarios which are completely controlled, like gymnastics. She knows how the morning will go and what is expected of her, and she thrives. In free play time, she likes to jump on the trampoline with the same kid each week. During this time, she has no eye contact with them, no physical touch, and no interaction. In the car afterwards, she talks about her fun trampoline time with her friend. the other 3 year old is completely oblivious to this routine.

She has an older brother who she plays quite well with. Her world is about me and him at the moment (dad doesn't get much of a look in lately).

She is a sweet little girl. She is shy and loving, strong and independent. Her language isn't great. I understand her, but others don't really. She's recently seen a speech therapist who said that she is on track.

Is this normal? do i have something to worry about?


Sarah - posted on 06/17/2014




I would say you don't need to worry. She sounds normal. I would just keep involving her in social situations and keep guiding her. She might be just be more of a slow to warm up. Or someone that has few but really close friends. For the touching I would not worry. My youngest (who just turned 3 yrs old) is the same. She has never liked others touching her, especially those that were strangers to her. In all honesty I don't mind some of that. Though touch is good I do think that some kids will touch/hug everyone they see, and that is not good either.

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