My toddler has buried penis what do I do?


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Maja - posted on 07/01/2011




Thank you ladies, we booked appoitment to see urologist in two weeks time...thanks for all your advice...

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Have you taken him to see a urologist? A buried penis is actually very rare.

I thought my son had one also, he didn't. When they are little they have a thick supra-pubic fat pad that pulls their penis into it. As they age they lose this fat pad & the penis starts to pop back out. I took my son in to urology for the same problem, and it is actually not an issue.

A buried penis also happens in grown men, normally fat men & it is the same issue of the penis being pulled into the fat pad.

You did'nt happen to also see a before & after plastic surgery show where a man gets his "buried penis" fixed? After I saw the show I brought my son in.

Neva is right, as the child hits puberty it will correct on it's own.

Don't let a peds dr tell you this, take your son to see someone & urology to put your mind at ease.

Neva - posted on 06/30/2011




Not to worry. Has he been circumcised? Usually resolves when the child hits puberty. It just may be that there is some extra foreskin. As long has he is peeing normally you don't have to worry.

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