My Toddler Has Difficulties Getting A Good Nights Sleep.

Katie - posted on 01/11/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a questions I could really use some advice on. I have a 2/12 year old son (he will be 3 in March) who is really having sleeping difficulties. There is a long story behind this so i'll try to keep it simple. In sept 2010 he was removed from mine and his fathers care by CPS. We were both hooked on methamphetamine and one night, while at home with his father and I was at work, his father fell asleep and left our son (then 6/12 mos old) asleep on our bed. Our son scooted himself off of our bed and was wedged between our bed and the bedroom wall for hours, nearly suffocating him. I found him when I came home from work that morning. Due to the neglect, CPS removed him and my daughter from our care. We got clean and fought hard and just about 2 years later (Last July) both children were returned home. We are still clean and trying to establish a safe and secure environment for our children. The toughest part right now is establishing a routine, especially at night time. Mainly for our son. While he was out of our care, he slept in the bed of the relative that took care of him. Even when advised to her by his doctor that it was time to teach him to transition into sleep on his own, she continued to let him sleep with her. We do not promote this in our home, however we do have a small bed at the end of our bed for those really tough nights when they get scared and confused and want to be close to us. They come in and sleep at the foot of our bed which gives them that extra security. However, I have been working really hard on establishing the routine of putting them down in their own rooms and trying to get them to put themselves to sleep. I lay with them, tell at least 1 or two bedtime stories and hope they drift off. Most of the time (for my son) that doesn't happen. If I try to leave the room before my son is out, he will absolutely panic, he will get up and follow me out of the room crying hysterically. I then lay with him until he falls asleep, sometimes this takes over an hour. Then he continually wakes up throughout the night disrupting his sleep and ours. Sometimes he'll wake up crying for me, sometimes he'll wake up crying for the relative who's care he was in for almost 2 years. So I understand that there are major transitions going on with him and I try to ease the stress as much as possible but I could really use some advise from anyone who has had issues with children not sleeping well. This affects him so much throughout his day as well as it does us. I just want to make him as comfortable and secure as possible and to ease his fears that if he falls asleep at night, some how mom and dad will not be there when he wakes in the morning. I feel that subconsciously this goes through his little mind. inhibiting his deep sleep. Any suggestions would be Greatly appreciated!

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