My toddler started blinking all the time

Elfrieda - posted on 05/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is two, and for the last week has been making funny faces. He blinks several times in a row, and it really seems like his eyes are uncomfortable. At first I thought he was doing it just for fun, to see what it was like to peek through his eyelashes, but he does it even when he's busy doing something else.

I thought it might be the fault of this LED flashing light stick that he got and would stare at, so I threw it away after day one of blinking, but he's kept on going. Both my husband and I have glasses, but surely he doesn't need glasses yet! :(

My husband thinks he must have gotten a scratch on his eyeball and it'll heal soon, or that he just has dry eyes from some sort of allergy. The blinking does seem to be happening a little less in the last few days. I'm a little more concerned that it's something serious.

I'm looking for any related experiences that you have had. How did it end?


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if he has a scratch in his eye, then i would think he would be trying to mess with his eye. If his eyes are both blinking..sounds like he is just having nerves. I've had my eyes quiver and blink from nerves. but eventually it stops.

Kaitlin - posted on 05/20/2012




hmmmm. What's your insurance like? Maybe you can go to your ped and have them take a peek? If it's just a scratch (which would be my bet) you can get a script for some goop to put in his eye to help him heal.

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