My Toddler Will not go to bed in less we take her on a car ride. Is That Bad??

Michelle - posted on 07/06/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




My Daughter Destiny is 22months we always took her on car rides to go to sleep but ever Since we stopped giving her the Bottle before bed she tells us she wants to go on a "Ride" to go "Night Night" but my Mother keeps telling me how to just put her in her crib and cry, so my husband and i tried that and Destiny Cried so Much She Made herself Throw up..also when she spends the night with any of her Grandparents. They always tell me she went to be with no issues. A few times They Told me she Climbed on the couch and put herself to sleep. I feel like I doing something wrong.. So every night around 9:15 we go to on a car ride and give Destiny a Sippy Cup with Milk in it but is this the wrong thing to do?? and if so How should i get her to bed?


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Wow this is an old post, but thank heavens there is someone else out there that made the small parenting mistake as me. Mine is 22mo and I'm done 'going for a ride' because that the easy way to slumber land. Lol IF you get this, how did you finally kick the habit?

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A really goo book is "parenting with love and logic" as well as "1-2-3 magic"
I KNOW how hard it is to change a behavior,I KNOW it is easier to give them what they want than to "deal" with a tantrum.
But by doing that you are setting up a pattern of giving her the control.There is 2 ways to stop the night time car is "Cold turkey",ok so she cries for 2 hours and throws up,fine clean it up and put her back in the crib,I PROMISE she will only scream like that for a week MAX (which feels like a lifetime when you are "in" it).And if you DO choose to let her scream,stick to your guns,you must NOT give in(cause then she learns all she has to do is scream enough to make you give in)Or you can pick a end day and then reduce your car ride every night for like a week so go from like 20min to 15,to 10 etc.If you do that tell her when you get in the car "were only riding for _ min,and after(whatever day is going to be your last ride) we are not doing this any more,instead we are reading a book before bed,but no more rides"

She will probably still cry about it.Kids cry,thats what they do,it won't hurt her(tho I know as a parent you feel like a big jerk for letting them scream their head off)

You can not let her have the control,if it is not cute when they are 2,it is even less cute when they are

My youngest is 10,he has developmental(developmentally he is about 2)/medical issues.We unintentionally gave him so much control that he has some SERIOUS behaviors(some are b/c of his disability) most of them are from us giving in.We gave in b/c we did not want to listen to him scream at us,or b/c we felt bad for him b/c he can not speak,or just b/c that was what was easiest at the time.

We can not let him scream it out however b/c he bangs his head and hits himself,he also is sometimes VERY physically aggressive towards others,so leaving him alone when he is mad is not safe.

Anyhow my point is,you MUST be the one in control,she HAS to realize that you are mom and what you say goes.
I KNOW b/c I have been there,I am there now w/my 10 yr old.It sucks and it is hard but in the end,down the road,if you get control NOW it will be much MUCH easier in general later :)

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If it works for you, fine. No worries, as long as it works for your family.

It would never work in mine, simply because I would not do it. Every family is different, though.

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Personally I think its nuts. If you don't mind then that is up to you. I never did anything special with any of my kids to put them to bed ever, we just had the same routine and I laid them down. My kids were in beds by 14 and 16 months so after that point I just said its bedtime lets get ready and they did the routine and laid down I covered them up gave them all their babies and snuggies and left the room.

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If your fine with it, then its fine. IF you have a problem with it, try replacing her routine with something else like rocking her, singing to her, story time, etc.

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If you don't mind, it's fine. If that was my child, it would be very bad because I would hate doing that. Eventually you're going to have to stop this, but like I say, if you don't mind now, just keep doing it because you won't have the willpower to stick it out if you don't truly want to change the behaviour. I would guess that in a few months she won't be able to fall asleep in the car anymore, so you'll have to cross that bridge when you come to it even if you don't try to change her habits now.

When you do decide to change, you'll have to replace the routine of getting in the car and driving with something else. A story and singing, or bath and cuddle, or something that happens every day the same.

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